Monday, September 8, 2008

Small Town Livin'

Sandy here:

A couple weeks ago on a Saturday morning Doug and I went to the Farmer’s Market (it’s quite the local scene—we are guaranteed to run into several people we know there). There’s a booth there that sells both flowers and goat cheese. I was in the mood for a little alternative cheese, so I started to walk to the booth. As I’m walking over, I look at the woman behind the table, when I realize that it’s my Ob-Gyn doctor! She doesn’t own the farm, but she helps sell at the Market.

I love living in Durango.


BrianMcCormick said...

Are we absolutely sure that was goats' milk?

Anonymous said...

Small town livin: (defn) when the person selling you goats' milk has seen so much more of you than just your face. Watch out Webster's dictionary! LeslieG