Tuesday, September 9, 2008

For the Second Time

Sandy here:

Every woman I've talked to has told me at least one story about hormones and "going off the deep end." Well, it happened to me yesterday. After a frustrating 1 3/4 hours at the doctor's office (everything is fine, I just had to wait around for a very very very long time), and then waiting in line 20 minutes at the pharmacy counter in the supermarket (only to be told that my prescription wasn't ready yet), then being shoved aside before I could buy my chocolate bar, then going to the front to be confronted by the longest lines I've ever seen at the store, then throwing my chocolate bar down in a huff, then driving home and hitting Open House car and pedestrian traffic at the middle school by my house, did I think that maybe I was overreacting. But that sure didn't mean I could stop crying.

Luckily I have a husband with a good sense of humor who laughed at my story, made me dinner and then went to the store for me to pick up my prescription.

And I got my chocolate bar.

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