Saturday, September 27, 2008

Garage Sale-ing


Okay, now that we know we're having girls, Sandy feels like she can safely start to buy baby clothes. And today, oh boy, she hit the motherload. One thing about Durango, it probably has more yard/garage sales per capita every weekend than any other place on the planet. I think that's a consequence of living in a place where the average house costs about $450,000 but the average annual income is about 50 bucks (its those damn second home owners from California and Texas, I tell you). Well today, Sandy stumbled across a great yard sale with tons of baby clothes, all little girl clothes. I don't believe I have ever seen her so happy as she was when she was going through and picking out all of the cute little baby girl clothes. We spent like 30 bucks on baby clothes, which is a hell of a lot of baby clothes at a yard sale!!!!

Anyway, she stacked everything up in a little pile at the yard sale and made sure I looked at everything. Then we drove to the bank and she went through everything again while I was driving. Then she went through and looked at everything again when we got home. Finally, this evening we went out to see our friends Kirsten and Andrew and their 2.5 year old daughter Lucy for dinner, and on the way home, Sandy insisted we stop at the grocery store so we could buy some "Dreft" and she could wash all the new baby clothes. They're in the dryer as I speak. Now keep in mind, the Twinkies are not due until January, but I guess its never too early to be prepared.

There was one thing I picked out at the yard sale, the pink camo Durango Fire Rescue outfit to the right. How could I resist. I imagine this is how Sarah Palin dressed her daughters when they were newborns.

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