Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pregnant Brain


We don't know if all pregnant women go through this, but Sandy has recently developed a tendency to lose stuff. We call this "pregnant brain," because it really is a new thing. For example, she washed, dried and folded some shorts a few weeks ago and quickly proceeded to completely lose track of them. Yeah, I know, where else would she put them, but no, they are not in the drawer or any typical place in between there and the dryer. We still haven't found them, but I fully expect to open some random cabinet in the garage or something in a year or so and ... hey, there they are!!! And then of course she'll be like "of course, I was headed for the drawer but then I decided to get a rake from the garage first but then I needed to free up my hands to unwind an electrical cord so I could plug in the circular saw and I put them in that cabinet." Now the difference here is that usually she can retrace these kind of non-sequiter steps, but lately, everything just disappears.

But last night topped it all. Sandy totally lost track of the tape measure she uses for her knitting. She had a long day at work and was very tired and came close to having a complete meltdown when it disappeared. I imagined us looking all through the house for it, checking kitchen drawers, taking the cushions off the couch looking under beds, climbing down into the crawl space (I would have had to do that one by myself, Sandy does not do the crawl space), etc... Finally, after a long and arduous search I found it:

Yes, that's it, the round, white thing with the little red dot. And it was on the top of the coffee table cube that sits in front of the couch where, you know, she keeps her knitting stuff. Although I will admit it was kind of camouflaged against that sheet of stickers.


Anonymous said...

Why is no one addressing why there are stickers on the coffee table??? McCormick

Sandy and Doug said...

We're just trying to anticipate what our house will look like with crazy kids running around.

Steph said...

Yeah right. When there are kids around, all of the furniture magically disappears and the stickers end up on the wall with the crayon and paint.