Friday, August 6, 2010

Yet Another Game

Sandy here:

The girls still love peekaboo (I have visions of them being in high school and me saying "Where's Tava?" although then I don't think it will be as funny--there might be grounding involved), and they have a new twist on the classic. Watch carefully and you will also see some crazy dancing (aka jumping). You will also notice a large shoe in the video--that's mine. The girls love to cart our shoes around, sometimes making us wear them, sometimes wearing them as their own handshoes and sometimes trying to wear and walk with them on their feet.

These sorts of games/interactions happen at our house on a regular basis, but usually by the time I try to capture it, the girls have moved on to hair pulling, toy stealing, or their new favorite: "almost" biting.

I especially like Tava's crazy laughter--you sure wouldn't want to meet her in the jungle alone at night!