Thursday, September 30, 2010

Boom! Ka Pow!

Sandy here:

In the last couple weeks, we've experienced the beginnings of a language explosion. The girls have suddenly realized that EVERYTHING has a name--they will either name it for you or point to it so it can be named. Our drive home from daycare sounds something like this:

bie (bike)
buh bye bie
woof woof (dog)
Hi (to the neighboring SUV at the stoplight next to us)
no (nose)
mou (mouth) (they love pointing to their facial body parts and naming them--on themselves and each other--so far we haven't had any eyes poked out -- yet)
mik (sometimes they get milk in the car)
bie (we are in Durango after all)

I'm exhausted by the time we get home!

About a week ago they also realized that each sister has a name--Analee will point to Tava and say "Taba" (in fact, in the mornings when we go get them, she gets very excited and points to Tava in her crib saying "Taba, Taba, Taba") and Tava will point to Analee and say "Anlee" or sometimes "Alee." Soon Doug and I will be able to eavesdrop on their conversations over the baby monitor when they should be sleeping.

I'm huge into the garage sales these days, and I found this table and chairs for the girls. A little beat up, but they loved it and immediately decided it was the perfect place to read books:

I got some oilcloth and had a home improvement night, and now it's our stylish art table:

As you can see, the girls love stickers. The only thing they love more than putting stickers on the paper? Putting stickers on themselves:

Tava started it:

Analee had to be like her sister:

We went to a real pumpkin patch where the pumpkins were still on the vine. It's on a ranch/farm near us, and the girls got to see goats:

Tava discovered she loves lemonade:

We have also started taking the girls hiking. Not in backpacks (they've done that for a while), but actually letting them hike up the trail. Well, if by hiking you mean managing to get 50 yards or so up the trail...They love it, but it's important to remember when we go that it is in no way about exercise--it's all about the experience.

Analee has a new job with the Rock Relocation Service (RRS) and she takes her job very seriously. I don't think there is a single rock on any of the trails we've been on that hasn't been affected by the RRS. And Tava, well, let's just say that there is no danger of dehydration with her (as evidenced from the photo above). About every ten steps she'll stop and turn to me demanding "Wah wah" (I'm usually the sherpa). She even says "Aaaahhhh" when she's finished.

Tava also has a new job--she loves to clean. She is very demanding after mealtimes asking for "a wie" (a wipe) so she can clean herself and her spot. When she gets out of her highchair she likes to wipe the floor. Recently, she saw me with our portable broom/dustpan and insisted on using it:

And finally, a little bedtime routine craziness--don't you always brush your teeth while playing with a balance ball?