Monday, October 27, 2008


Sandy here:

So, we've had a pretty busy last couple weeks, and we'll update on that soon, but for now (and all our clamoring fans) just a brief story.

Scott and Molly have very kindly given us some of Audrey's old baby things (she's almost 21 months old!), and we are very excited. One of those things was a carseat and a couple of bases. Doug tested them out in our small car, and we figured out that we can make it work--certainly around town.

Tonight, my job was to search for a second car seat. Now, I could have just gotten any seat, but back before Audrey was born, Molly spent a bunch of time figuring out what would be the best, lightest-weight carseat. And I figure--how much can the technology really change in a couple years? So I flipped the carseat upside down to find the make and model number so we could order one. As I did that, I heard a couple somethings fall to the floor. I looked down, and found....

I can't wait to be a mom.

Monday, October 20, 2008


Sandy here:

Barack Obama is running a new campaign ad. In light of all the recent vitriolic discourse by McCain and Palin, it was refreshing to see this uplifting ad. I can't find a direct link to it, but it is embedded on this page.

I'm not posting this as a campaign message, but as a follow up to Doug's Pooh Bear post. After watching this ad, I can no longer look at Barack without tearing up. In fact, watching the ad gets me all teared up (in a good way, but still...).

The list of things that don't make me cry is slowly being whittled away.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pooh Bear


So we're running errands the other morning, it's raining a bit and I'm driving when we notice something laying in the middle of the road. We come up on it and realize its a stuffed Winnie the Pooh toy looking a bit sad and soggy laying there in the middle of the road. At this point, Sandy has a bit of a breakdown. "It's a Pooh" she cries out in a very distraught voice and starts to cry. "It's so sad," she says,"some poor little kid just lost his Pooh." I tried to calm this emotional onslaught by suggesting that maybe the kid threw him out the window. This did not help. "That's even worse," she says, "the Pooh was just abandoned out there in the road."

Luckily I was able to distract her somewhat by suggesting we go get her a snack.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pregnant Brain and Always Read Ahead


Sandy does a lot of reading about having babies. She has about 20 or 30 books about pregnancy, and she actually reads most of them. Luckily as a guy I only have one book to read, "The Expectant Father." It has big print, it's not too long, and it's organized into 9 chapters, one for each month of the pregnancy. Pretty easy stuff; I spend about 30 minutes once a month reading the book and I'm good to go. This "parenting" thing is easy!!!

However, I did learn a valuable lesson about the importance of reading ahead before sharing stuff with Sandy. If you remember, I posted earlier about what we call "pregnant brain" or Sandy's new tendency to forget things. We've had a lot of good laughs about this, so I was amazed when I read the following:

"If your partner has been forgetful lately, or seems to be losing a lot of things - including her memory - it may be because her brain is shrinking. Yep, Anita Holdcroft, an English anesthesiologist, found that during pregnancy, women's brains actually get 3 to 5 percent smaller."

Wow, I thought, that's interesting. So I shared it with Sandy, as I thought she would be interested too. Unfortunately, I didn't read the next couple sentences until after I told her. Those sentences:

"Now that you know this, it's probably best that you keep it to yourself. After all, there's really no nice way to tell someone that her brain is shrinking."

They were right. Sandy didn't find it to be nearly as "interesting" as I did.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Week 21 Bump Pictures

Updated Bump Pictures to your right.

The big news this week was that Sandy felt the Twinkies for the first time on Weds. morning. We were wondering when this would happen as a lot of people said they should start kicking at around 20 weeks. Our Twinkies are probably a little bit smaller than most babies at their age, so its probably not surprising that they were a little later.

It was very funny because I always get up first, feed the dog and let her out, then I get in the shower and wake Sandy up when I get out of the shower. Let's just say that she does not usually have a hard time sleeping through all of my morning activities. However, Weds. morning as I was heading for the shower a VERY awake Sandy suddenly called me to come back to the bedroom. She wasn't completely sure what had happened, but after a few more times, we knew the girls had let us know they were there. They've been kicking like crazy every morning since.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

At all costs

Sandy here:

A couple weeks ago, Doug and I went to the grocery store. We got ready to check out and, as one does, we tried to pick the shortest line. Well we ended up behind a woman with many many groceries. We did not notice that we chose a line without a bagger. AND, to complete the trifecta, the checker was very slow (normally she works in produce, and was only checking because the store was so busy--not that I know her--she was telling everyone this information).

I settled myself in for a good dose of "let's see what this person is buying." She had a cart full of every type of organic and natural product possible--I didn't think that many products were stocked at our local City Market!

The woman buying the copious amounts of food had reusable bags with her. However, when the checker asked her how many bags she had, her response was "I don't know--can we count them at the end?" The woman refused to help the checker at all--she did not move from her post and would not help bag any of her groceries. In her defense, I do think she needed a rest for her left hand--outside of movie stars, I don't think I've seen a rock that big in person.

Her bill came to 401 and some change and she wrote a check. Now, apparently, if a check gets written for over $400 a manager has to come do an override (maybe to combat fraud?). So, we're waiting and waiting (and then still waiting). Finally we get the override, the receipts are issued, Doug and I get ready to spring into action (if Doug ever wants a career change, he makes a heck of a bagger), when the woman turns to the checker and says--"Did you put my bag credit on?" Turns out the checker had forgotten. In case you think the bonus for bringing bags is significantly larger here in Durango, let me disabuse you--it's 5 cents a bag. 5 cents! Of course the checker didn't know how to open the register to get 45 cents, so that was another ordeal. Finally the woman got her hard-earned money and left.

My theory is that she puts all that bag money into a special "ring" fund...