Monday, September 28, 2009

Future Careers

Sandy here:

The girls are in daycare these days, so for 3 days a week someone else gets to watch their antics, and we only get reports. Today I picked them up (Doug does the drop off, I do the pick up) and their caregiver told me that both Tava and Analee learned a new trick--albeit different ones.

Analee has learned how to unscrew the tops of her bottles and pour out her milk (my milk!).

Tava has learned to squeeze the liners of her bottles (we use these kind) and make the milk squirt out of the nipple creating a fountain effect.

Needless to say, the girls came home in their back-up outfits and I was handed a plastic bag full of wet clothes.

I think we have a scientist and an engineer on our hands.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Where Did You Go?

Sandy here:

So, I could give all sorts of excuses about not writing in oh, like, forever, but the biggest one is this--I no longer have stationary babies! You might think the title of this blogpost refers to my lack of blogging, but in actuality it refers to the fact that the girls are no longer where I place them. Gone are the days of cute little chatty houseplants--I now have roamers. They are both crawling (although with different styles)! Video to follow soon (we have filled up the stick that stores our pictures, and getting a new one implies errands, so needless to say that hasn't happened yet), but here are a couple recent pics:

Tava says "Mom, bibs are for babies":

We just woke up from our nap

Look! Babies in the zoo!

Analee, leaving a trail of destruction in her wake: