Wednesday, June 2, 2010

They Walk!

Sandy here:

So, Analee took her first steps mid-April and her sister followed a few days later. Once Analee discovered that walking would allow her nearly unprecedented hoarding capability she was all for it. She quickly decided that crawling was so "last week." Tava on the other hand, took her first steps and decided it was too much work--crawling was much faster and there was no possibility of falling. Don't get me wrong--she loved to walk--just with help. "Fingers" we would call it. She would sit on the floor, stretch her arms up and scream "Uhhhhhh" until we would walk with her. Finally a couple weeks ago she realized she didn't need us after all. As is the case with the 2nd child doing something, it took me a little while to get video of it.

This video is a good slice into the girls' world.

1. They love Miliya--especially Tava. And Miliya does very well with them.
2. You can never just do something with one girl--the other one always likes to get involved.
3. The best toy is WHATEVER MY SISTER HAS.

No honest, 5 seconds after this video was done, they were okay. (I admit though, I did feel a bit like Kate of Jon & Kate plus 8 near the end...)