Saturday, April 9, 2011


Sandy here:

This is what a typical breakfast looks like in our household. I take this opportunity to do their hair, as they won't sit still long enough at any other time. Doug has taught them to be polite and ask about our days...

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sandy here:

They love pictures, and thought that Doug was taking a picture, hence the long "cheeeeeese" in the middle of the video:

Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Sandy here:

Holy crap--the girls somehow turned 2 when I wasn't looking. Well, actually I was looking, just not believing. Here's a couple pictures from their early birthday celebration just after Christmas:

Tava getting into the whole present unwrapping thing:

And groovin' on the cupcake:

Analee loves the cupcake too!

Analee opening her own present and card:

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tava's Song

Sandy here:

Okay, so I know I should be posting all sorts of holiday-type updates, and I will--I hope, but this happened the other day and I think it's my favorite video ever:

A couple things of note:

We were up in Denver over the holidays and had an early birthday celebration with Grandma Jeri. We sang the Birthday song twice. Other than that, they haven't really heard it (except for last year and maybe they sing it at daycare, but that certainly can't be that often).

Tava woke up from her nap early, we tried on some long underwear (a Christmas present) and then she decided she wanted to be naked. Although she does have socks on--it is winter after all.

The girls absolutely love their new kitchen--it was a Christmas present from Nama and Papa (my mom and dad)--I'm not sure what gender stereotypes we're reinforcing, but it is cute! And in my defense, they do have a truck with a mechanic.

Yes, Tava's diaper has duct tape on it. Otherwise she takes it off--not just when she's awake, but during her nap and sleep times. No duct tape = something I wouldn't subject non parents to. Duct tape = clean bed.

No, she does not have lip gloss on--she is just incredibly drooly right now (the joy of teeth)--I'm surprised you can't see a sheen of wet on her entire chest.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Sandy here:

They have already started to use this against Doug. The other night Tava was sitting in the kitchen, not brushing her teeth (her toothbrush was beside her as she investigated the properties of the random tupperware containers around her), Doug walked in and said "Tava, where's your toothbrush?" She looked startled, paused, then responded "Go Duke!"

It totally worked.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Road Trip!

Sandy here:

This was taken from our road trip to Albuquerque a few weeks ago (or as the girls say "Abuguhguh"). I like this video because this is the girls' first joke--they came up with it all on their own. In addition, you'll note that Tava is not fully wearing her shirt--any chance she gets she loves to take her arm out of the sleeve and yes, it's usually the left one.

In this next video, the girls are eating bunny crackers. A game we play all the time is "What does the (fill in whatever animal here) say?" They are convinced that the bunny says bop, all because of the bunny foo foo song. Also, they love their babies, and they love undressing them.

It sure was an interesting 3 1/2 hours to Abuguhguh...

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Sandy here:

We've been trying to get the girls to clean up their toys before bedtime--with varying degrees of success. Some nights they are incredibly helpful and love to take direction, putting everything back where it belongs. Other nights they writhe (yes, literally) on the floor, screaming "NOOOOOOOOO! ! ! ! ! !" and refuse to help at all. Still other nights they think it funny to undo what the other is doing, resulting in a round robin of toys being put away and taken back out.

There is, however, one job that the girls love to do. Tava especially--probably because of her absolute crazy love for Miliya:

Now if only we could get them to do the dishes...

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Boom! Ka Pow!

Sandy here:

In the last couple weeks, we've experienced the beginnings of a language explosion. The girls have suddenly realized that EVERYTHING has a name--they will either name it for you or point to it so it can be named. Our drive home from daycare sounds something like this:

bie (bike)
buh bye bie
woof woof (dog)
Hi (to the neighboring SUV at the stoplight next to us)
no (nose)
mou (mouth) (they love pointing to their facial body parts and naming them--on themselves and each other--so far we haven't had any eyes poked out -- yet)
mik (sometimes they get milk in the car)
bie (we are in Durango after all)

I'm exhausted by the time we get home!

About a week ago they also realized that each sister has a name--Analee will point to Tava and say "Taba" (in fact, in the mornings when we go get them, she gets very excited and points to Tava in her crib saying "Taba, Taba, Taba") and Tava will point to Analee and say "Anlee" or sometimes "Alee." Soon Doug and I will be able to eavesdrop on their conversations over the baby monitor when they should be sleeping.

I'm huge into the garage sales these days, and I found this table and chairs for the girls. A little beat up, but they loved it and immediately decided it was the perfect place to read books:

I got some oilcloth and had a home improvement night, and now it's our stylish art table:

As you can see, the girls love stickers. The only thing they love more than putting stickers on the paper? Putting stickers on themselves:

Tava started it:

Analee had to be like her sister:

We went to a real pumpkin patch where the pumpkins were still on the vine. It's on a ranch/farm near us, and the girls got to see goats:

Tava discovered she loves lemonade:

We have also started taking the girls hiking. Not in backpacks (they've done that for a while), but actually letting them hike up the trail. Well, if by hiking you mean managing to get 50 yards or so up the trail...They love it, but it's important to remember when we go that it is in no way about exercise--it's all about the experience.

Analee has a new job with the Rock Relocation Service (RRS) and she takes her job very seriously. I don't think there is a single rock on any of the trails we've been on that hasn't been affected by the RRS. And Tava, well, let's just say that there is no danger of dehydration with her (as evidenced from the photo above). About every ten steps she'll stop and turn to me demanding "Wah wah" (I'm usually the sherpa). She even says "Aaaahhhh" when she's finished.

Tava also has a new job--she loves to clean. She is very demanding after mealtimes asking for "a wie" (a wipe) so she can clean herself and her spot. When she gets out of her highchair she likes to wipe the floor. Recently, she saw me with our portable broom/dustpan and insisted on using it:

And finally, a little bedtime routine craziness--don't you always brush your teeth while playing with a balance ball?

Friday, August 6, 2010

Yet Another Game

Sandy here:

The girls still love peekaboo (I have visions of them being in high school and me saying "Where's Tava?" although then I don't think it will be as funny--there might be grounding involved), and they have a new twist on the classic. Watch carefully and you will also see some crazy dancing (aka jumping). You will also notice a large shoe in the video--that's mine. The girls love to cart our shoes around, sometimes making us wear them, sometimes wearing them as their own handshoes and sometimes trying to wear and walk with them on their feet.

These sorts of games/interactions happen at our house on a regular basis, but usually by the time I try to capture it, the girls have moved on to hair pulling, toy stealing, or their new favorite: "almost" biting.

I especially like Tava's crazy laughter--you sure wouldn't want to meet her in the jungle alone at night!

Friday, July 30, 2010


Ah...vacation. More to come...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

They Walk!

Sandy here:

So, Analee took her first steps mid-April and her sister followed a few days later. Once Analee discovered that walking would allow her nearly unprecedented hoarding capability she was all for it. She quickly decided that crawling was so "last week." Tava on the other hand, took her first steps and decided it was too much work--crawling was much faster and there was no possibility of falling. Don't get me wrong--she loved to walk--just with help. "Fingers" we would call it. She would sit on the floor, stretch her arms up and scream "Uhhhhhh" until we would walk with her. Finally a couple weeks ago she realized she didn't need us after all. As is the case with the 2nd child doing something, it took me a little while to get video of it.

This video is a good slice into the girls' world.

1. They love Miliya--especially Tava. And Miliya does very well with them.
2. You can never just do something with one girl--the other one always likes to get involved.
3. The best toy is WHATEVER MY SISTER HAS.

No honest, 5 seconds after this video was done, they were okay. (I admit though, I did feel a bit like Kate of Jon & Kate plus 8 near the end...)

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Sandy here:

I'm posting this video not only because I think it's cute (the girls both love this yellow chair), but because it shows three important things:

1. The impossibility of filming anything--once the camera is introduced it all changes. (Tava had been sitting in her chair taking apart the plastic ball and putting it together, with some good grunts and facial expressions).
2. The girls outgrew their Duke wear, so Daddy came to the rescue with National Champion t-shirts.
3. Even though our front room is totally overrun with baby toys, we do have them listen to cool adult music.

It's just a matter of time before they demand their own ipod.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Another Fun Game (with Daddy this time)

Sandy here:

As you can see from this video, Tava loves to control her environment. I love her "hug" near the end. You can also see that we've given up all pretense that the front room is actually an adult room.

Who knew we had such a powerful daughter?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Sandy here:

Last year for Father's Day we met another family in town and had brunch. The girls were angels--stayed in their carseats for about an hour (napped a bit) and then sat calmly on our laps when we took them out.

Fast forward eleven months. The girls are at a fun age, but also a challenging one--they are old enough to be very mobile and have very well defined wills, but young enough to not take direction. (I'm sure we'll be able to rely on them taking direction by oh, say, college.) So when these same friends we had Father's Day brunch with last year suggested that we go out to brunch, my first thought was "Great! That would be fun!" and my next thought was "That means we have approximately 30 minutes to sit down, order, eat and converse before the girls decide they're done, squirm out of their highchairs (who designs the highchairs in restaurants?) and throw a tantrum (yes, we're in that fun phase as well)." So instead we had people over to our house. Doug was in charge of everything and I pretty much just had to show up. The day was gorgeous--our first real "summery" feeling kind of day. We even had our friends Jonny and Corey from Denver make an impromptu appearance.

Partway through brunch we realized that it was getting hot and still very sunny--we needed a hat intervention. What's the natural hat to wear on Mother's Day? Sombreros of course.

Even Daddy got in on the hat action:

The girls love their new playground:

During brunch there started to be much talk of our little fiberglass trailer. To make a very long story short, Doug and I purchased a trailer several years ago. It was in horrible shape (think green inside and not from the paint) so we gutted it and started over. Our intentions were good, and we made great progress although it took a long time to get anything done. However, as soon as we found out we were having twins, we realized that the trailer was going to be too small for our family. And so it sat, incomplete and unused, on our driveway. Once it got parked there after the move, it never made it out of the driveway. Until today.

Jonny and Corey are now the proud owners of the little guy:

And I'm reminded of the old saying (modified a bit)--you know the two happiest days in a trailer owner's life? The day he buys it and the day he sells it.

I had a fabulous Mother's Day--best wishes to all the mothers out there!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

New Favorite Game

Sandy here:

Just a quick video--this is the girls' new favorite game.

The funny thing is that they don't switch places. It's always Analee outside, Tava inside. They love this game so much that if Tava starts to do the "pop up" thing and Analee is across the room (even if she's doing something fun) she will stop what she's doing and go over to play with Tava. Also, Tava is always the one to end the game. By the way, the sound you hear in the background is our dryer--gotta love small houses!