Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tava's Song

Sandy here:

Okay, so I know I should be posting all sorts of holiday-type updates, and I will--I hope, but this happened the other day and I think it's my favorite video ever:

A couple things of note:

We were up in Denver over the holidays and had an early birthday celebration with Grandma Jeri. We sang the Birthday song twice. Other than that, they haven't really heard it (except for last year and maybe they sing it at daycare, but that certainly can't be that often).

Tava woke up from her nap early, we tried on some long underwear (a Christmas present) and then she decided she wanted to be naked. Although she does have socks on--it is winter after all.

The girls absolutely love their new kitchen--it was a Christmas present from Nama and Papa (my mom and dad)--I'm not sure what gender stereotypes we're reinforcing, but it is cute! And in my defense, they do have a truck with a mechanic.

Yes, Tava's diaper has duct tape on it. Otherwise she takes it off--not just when she's awake, but during her nap and sleep times. No duct tape = something I wouldn't subject non parents to. Duct tape = clean bed.

No, she does not have lip gloss on--she is just incredibly drooly right now (the joy of teeth)--I'm surprised you can't see a sheen of wet on her entire chest.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Sandy here:

They have already started to use this against Doug. The other night Tava was sitting in the kitchen, not brushing her teeth (her toothbrush was beside her as she investigated the properties of the random tupperware containers around her), Doug walked in and said "Tava, where's your toothbrush?" She looked startled, paused, then responded "Go Duke!"

It totally worked.