Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bad Bunny

Sandy here:

We put the girls to bed about half an hour ago. They are really starting to "talk" to each other and there was about 20 minutes of chatting, then Tava fell asleep (she usually falls asleep first and wakes up second), so now Analee has been talking to herself, as well as trying to move the crib and use the wall as a drum. She's not upset, just being really funny. Anyway. . .

Today we went to the mall to get the girls' picture taken with the Easter Bunny. They did well at Christmastime with Santa. Apparently big guy with white beard okay, big white bunny not....

Tava had a complete meltdown, and Analee was fine until we tried to get a photo of her alone:

Then we tested out our new backpacks--it has been a long winter--Doug and I couldn't wait to do something springlike. The girls had a great time--they got to see several dogs (they call them "da" and wave at them). I had Tava and Doug had Analee:

Analee--lulled to sleep by Daddy's gait:

Tava--awake and excited about seeing all the "das":

Recently I acquired a special "twin" set of camp chairs. I finally brought them in and the girls love them. They can kill lots of time getting into the chair, getting out of the chair, getting into the chair, getting out of the chair....

(note the cupholders--they will be perfect this summer for kickin' back in the yard and enjoying a cold one)

Analee can also whittle away hours now that she has discovered books. This is one of her favorite positions:

She goes and gets a book, comes over, climbs into my lap, helps me read it by turning the pages, goes to get another book...We can do this for a long time. In fact, on Friday I kept track of the books I read in this manner (we only had a few available in the front room where this was happening--most of the books are kept in their room):

Maisy Drives -- 10 times
Global Babies -- 8 times
But Not the Hippopotamus-- 7 times
Counting Kisses-- 3 times

Tava isn't as into the books, although sometimes she will listen while I read them to her sister, and she does like the touch n feel ones. What she is into these days is ANYTHING Analee has (with the exception of books). Thank goodness she has a sister around to point out how cool all the toys are. If I could get inside their heads, this is what I think Tava would be thinking:

What should I play with? We don't really have anything fun or cool, or, hey--why is Analee playing with the beep-beep? That's MY beep-beep! Get off of that!

This is usually followed by a lunge at her sister, fangs bared, in an attempt to get what Tava perceives as rightfully hers.

I spend a lot of time regulating these days.

And finally, a nod to Doug's team who is alive to fight another day:

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Just a Regular Day

Sandy here:

This past weekend we were hanging out on Saturday morning. We decided to shoot some video--the following three videos are in order and are just a small taste of "hangin' with the twinkies". They were shot within about 15 minutes of each other. Tava was recovering from a cold, so she's not in prime movie form.

Analee thought Miliya dancing was one of the funniest things she had seen:

Even though Analee is the focus of this next one, you get a good sense of some of the chaos in our house:

Tava working with single minded determination. If you pay careful attention to the end, you can just see Doug's foot stopping Analee from running into Tava with the beep-beep:

Phew! I'm tired just watching those!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Future Careers, Scary Version

Sandy here:

Lately the girls have exhibited a new ability. One they love and are quite good at, although to be perfectly honest, I'm not sure this is the career I want our girls to aspire to: