Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pregnant Brain and Always Read Ahead


Sandy does a lot of reading about having babies. She has about 20 or 30 books about pregnancy, and she actually reads most of them. Luckily as a guy I only have one book to read, "The Expectant Father." It has big print, it's not too long, and it's organized into 9 chapters, one for each month of the pregnancy. Pretty easy stuff; I spend about 30 minutes once a month reading the book and I'm good to go. This "parenting" thing is easy!!!

However, I did learn a valuable lesson about the importance of reading ahead before sharing stuff with Sandy. If you remember, I posted earlier about what we call "pregnant brain" or Sandy's new tendency to forget things. We've had a lot of good laughs about this, so I was amazed when I read the following:

"If your partner has been forgetful lately, or seems to be losing a lot of things - including her memory - it may be because her brain is shrinking. Yep, Anita Holdcroft, an English anesthesiologist, found that during pregnancy, women's brains actually get 3 to 5 percent smaller."

Wow, I thought, that's interesting. So I shared it with Sandy, as I thought she would be interested too. Unfortunately, I didn't read the next couple sentences until after I told her. Those sentences:

"Now that you know this, it's probably best that you keep it to yourself. After all, there's really no nice way to tell someone that her brain is shrinking."

They were right. Sandy didn't find it to be nearly as "interesting" as I did.


Jen's Page said...

Dear Doug,
I also heard that the brain shrinks during pregnancy, however...after birth the brain becomes more wrinkly and she'll actually be more intelligent than she was before. I saw this on the Today show last week.

Sandy and Doug said...

Doug better watch out--wait until I remember all the stuff I forgot--then he'll be in trouble!

Anonymous said...

Then you had better not tell Sandy that the brain actually stays about 5-8% smaller through the first year of the baby's life. Because you really don't need that extra memory or anything while you're trying desperately to care for other beings that can't talk or really communicate much. Ah, the joys...but its always a good excuse!