Monday, October 27, 2008


Sandy here:

So, we've had a pretty busy last couple weeks, and we'll update on that soon, but for now (and all our clamoring fans) just a brief story.

Scott and Molly have very kindly given us some of Audrey's old baby things (she's almost 21 months old!), and we are very excited. One of those things was a carseat and a couple of bases. Doug tested them out in our small car, and we figured out that we can make it work--certainly around town.

Tonight, my job was to search for a second car seat. Now, I could have just gotten any seat, but back before Audrey was born, Molly spent a bunch of time figuring out what would be the best, lightest-weight carseat. And I figure--how much can the technology really change in a couple years? So I flipped the carseat upside down to find the make and model number so we could order one. As I did that, I heard a couple somethings fall to the floor. I looked down, and found....

I can't wait to be a mom.


Scott said...

Is that all? I can't believe you didn't find any cheddar bunnies, nanas (raisins for those who don't speak Audrey), a binky, or any hair clips...

Sandy and Doug said...

OH, I think there's more--I can still hear stuff rattling around, but I was kind of afraid to take off the seat cover last night...

Anonymous said...

Oh trust me theres more, take off the seat cover...I dare you!

Carole Laird said...

Oh the Gerber Puffs are wonderful.
Jack is 18 mos old and still likes
them. His favorite is sweetpotato.
He loves to get a hand full and drop them off the tray for the
dog, Ruffie, to catch & eat.

Sandy, being a Mom is wonderful
and I know you and Doug will be
great parents.

Love to you both, Aunt Carole