Sunday, September 14, 2008


Sandy here:

This past Saturday Doug and I made the trek to the big city to visit our closest Target. One hour after getting in the car we arrived at the metropolis known as Farmington, New Mexico. We had big plans--to create a baby registry. Now, Doug and I are no strangers to registering--we created a Target one when we got married. All morning before we got to Target Doug kept asking "I get to use the gun right?" I think that's how stores get the guys to do this registry thing--give them a laser gun with which to shoot things.

Now, a wedding registry is really fun. It goes something like this: "Oooh, Calphalon--we need a big fry pan" (Boop--Doug got it) "and a 3 quart sauce pan" (Boop) "Let's go get some sheets! And towels!" (Boop, Boop)

A baby registry sounds something like this: "Don't we need one of those swing-y bouncy type things? Good lord--there's 15 of them here--which one do you think is best?" And if you're expecting twins, you can add on "Are we going to need 2 of these? Should they be the same?" I got a little overwhelmed thinking about some of the big purchases, so I thought we could "warm up" to this registry thing by Booping a few small items. "Pacifiers. They need pacifiers. Oh shit--there's a 1/2 wall of pacifiers." After the pacifier experience I couldn't even turn around to look at the bottles--I think I might have started shaking uncontrollably.

There's so much riding on all of this--I mean, the entire happiness of our little twinkies is at stake! (Not really, but you sure feel like that.) Not to mention that even though Doug and I have watched lots of people have kids, we still don't know what the "best" things to get are.

So I did what I do when neither Doug nor I are sure of our next step. I called my brother.

His advice? "Burp cloths. Lots and lots of burp cloths."

Boop, boop, boop, boop, boop...


Elisa said...

I feel your pain! (well, at least 1/2 of it!) Adam and I just experienced a similar adventure at Babies R Us with what we call "The Nipple Wall"!

Sandy and Doug said...

I can't even imagine the horror--this is where being in a small town, close to a slightly less small town, is probably beneficial. Going to Target and then Babies R Us might have done me in!