Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Greatest Jogging Stroller on the Planet


Babies = Lots of stuff to buy. You have to get cribs, car seats, funny little books, onesies (I still have a hard time saying that with a straight face), those things you stick in their mouths to keep them from crying, etc... It's a lot of stuff, and add in the fact that for just about everything you need there are dozens and dozens of choices available (really, how many styles of crib can you come up with, its just a little bed with a fence around it) and picking it all out can be a bit overwhelming. To deal with it, I have developed a strategy ... I just let Sandy pick everything out.

With one exception ... the jogging stroller. This is probably the one item where I have gotten heavily involved in the choice. In fact, I just kind of made this decision on my own. After all, a car seat is a car seat, right? But jogging strollers, there are a lot of differences in jogging strollers. And I know from watching other new parents that if I hope to do any more triathlons, marathons or bike races in the next 4 years, I better plan on developing a nice long-term relationship with a good jogging stroller.

Enter, the Chariot Cougar!!!

This thing is nicer than any car I have ever owned. It seats two munchkins and functions not only as a jogger, but also as a bike trailer, a ski trailer, a hiking trailer (we probably won't do that, but it's nice to know we can) and, I think even has a cycle for washing delicates. It's kind of like a transformer robot. It's also got full suspension, folds up to the size of a small travel umbrella (not really) and has all kinds of things that are supposed to be good for the babies (like ventilation and sun-visors and padded seats and stuff).

Anyway, it's the first baby thing we've bought and is now waiting for us at REI. I can't wait. And, yeah, we'll get some of those other things too at some point. But I'll let Sandy post about that stuff.

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Scott said...

very cool - assuming it ever makes it to Durango.

btw - can it hold car seats?