Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's a Girl!!!!

And another girl!!!!

All is well with the girl Twinkies and we are now stocking up on barrettes, dolls, Duke cheerleader outfits and little dresses. Oh, and uh .... trucks too, definitely trucks. But, you know, cute trucks. Cute little pink trucks with flowers on the side and stuff.

Unfortunately, there was a tie in the reader contest. Vanessa, Matt, Kathy, Scott and Eric all thought it would be girls. Go figure; who would have thought that so many people would pick girls? Well in light of this unexpected tie, we have had to retract the prize; besides, its not like we can name a couple of girls Matt, Scott or Eric. Come on!!! Instead, we will be presenting all of you with some lovely parting gifts.


Scott said...

congratulations! now there will be a whole gang of girls when we get together!

Sandy and Doug said...

Thanks. We think Audrey will probably like having girl cousins better than boy cousins anyway.

Anonymous said...

Barrettes, dolls, Duke cheerleader outfits, and little dresses? Stop talking about Doug -- what are you getting for the twins? Congrats! McCormick.

Elisa said...

Girls-- how fun and exciting! Congratulations to you both. Can't wait to see you in a few weeks! E & A