Friday, September 19, 2008

CU-17 West Virginia-14


There was a time when it wouldn't be unusual to see CU beat a ranked team at home, but lately (see Barnett era) there haven't been that many quality wins. However, in the last 2 years Dan Hawkins seems to be re-building something of a home field advantage in Boulder. Last year there was the HUGE upset of Oklahoma, and then last night CU hung on for a win in OT (thanks to some really bad clock management in the final 2 minutes and then a chip shot field goal miss by WV in OT).

Now West Virginia probably isn't that good anyway, but its still nice to see CU start 3-0. A big win in Tallahassee should get them into the rankings.

But the real highlight from yesterday was hearing from Scott who was in Boulder for the day (supposedly, he was meeting with some people at the Boulder Google offices) and watched Ralphie's trailer go by three times and also observed that every other house seemed to have a porch party going on at 4:00 in the afternoon (I was working at that point, he was driving home). I said that it did sound fun, but that there were advantages to being adults and not being in college anymore. However, neither he nor I could think of any at that time.

"Shoulder to shoulder we will fight ... fight ... fight, fight, fight!!!"

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Anonymous said...

Nothing like a rank team!!!!
Doug G