Sunday, August 31, 2008

Response to Sandy's "Little White Pill"


So it turns out that after giving me crap for buying ice cream on my Tylenol run the other night, Sandy actually likes the ice cream treats more than I do and has probably eaten more of them than I have. Funny how that worked out.....

Anyway, yesterday we hit some garage sales looking for baby stuff and didn't find anything we liked. However, I found something even better:

Here it is all set up in the twinkies' room. The Jeff Gordon car is much faster than the Jimmy Johnson car (which means I beat Sandy every time we race).

It's going to be so cool to have kids.

1 comment:

Scott said...

'm trying to think of all the things Audrey (and the twins) will do with the race track besides race cars...

-put the cars in the dog water
-put the controllers in the dog water
-walk on the track
-sit on the car hoping it will take her for a ride
and many others I'm sure