Wednesday, August 27, 2008



So you get a lot of interesting responses when you tell people you are having twins, especially when you're talking to a guy that has just recently gone through (or is going through) the young child experience himself. Most of them just laugh, or if you are Sandy's brother Scott, you say something like this:

"You guys are screwed."

Which was echoed almost word for word by our friend Matt, who said:

"You guys are fu**ed."

Maybe so, but the opposing theory, posited by my boss and a few others, is that if you're going to have two kids anyway, it may be easier to just do it all at once. After all, you only have one pregnancy, one late night feeding period, one diaper period, one potty training period, etc... Sure, those periods are harder, but they can't be twice as hard can they? There have to be some synergies.

All I know is that when we were looking for day care options a few weeks ago, it actually was a bit of an eye-opener when I realized that, yes, of course, we were going to have to actually pay for two kids, not one. Believe it or not, this hadn't really occurred to me.

Just wait until they're 18 ("Wait, what do you mean by tuition for both kids").

Here is our first experiment with photo posting. Sandy and I took a little trip to Sonoma County, CA last month and bought a bottle of champagne to open when the babies show up. The winery was the Iron Horse winery, which holds special meaning to me since every year I ride in the "Iron Horse Bicycle Classic," a bike ride/race from Durango to Silverton. Here's the pregnant lady with the booze.

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