Monday, January 26, 2009

The Log

Sandy here:

So, one of the things I read about in my twins book was about keeping a log of feeding, pees, poops, spit ups, etc. I thought it somewhat interesting and mentioned it to Doug. Of course, this was back when I hoped my babies would be bigger and didn't think we'd need to do this for very long. What I've since learned is that it's apparently part of some secret twin parent club initiation--almost everyone I've spoken with who is a twin parent kept one of these, and many twins I've spoken with talk about how their parents kept a log. And now, especially since Tava and Analee were born early, we are in the club--Doug and I have meticulous notes (would you really expect anything less?) we take with us to our pediatrician visits. In our defense, I don't know what I would do without the book--I can't keep track of my own life these days, much less when the babies ate.

Plus, it will hopefully make some good blackmail fodder when the girls are old enough to date.


Anonymous said...

You might want to add medications to your log. There were a couple of times when John and I couldn't remember who we had given a med to and likely gave it a second time to the same baby. Ended up calling poison control or "ask a nurse".

Anonymous said...

The girls are getting cuter by the
day. They look great but the parents of the girls look like they
are so tired. Just hold the
thought it doesn't last forever.
We had a great time with Jack
(20 mos) Charlotte 5 3/4. She is
in kindergarten. We ran into
terrible icestorm from KY all the
way to Joplin. We drove 45 miles
an hour and just stopped to get
gas and use the restroom. Good
to be home.
Love to all,
Aunt Carole

Elisa & Adam said...

We want more pictures! Hope everything is going well for you guys. We think about you often - but as you can probably imagine, there's little time to actually call w/ an infant! (i can't imagine having 2)