Monday, February 9, 2009

Just Desserts

Sandy here:

We have a great pediatrician who has twins herself (although hers are older now--about 10ish), so she's already been a great resource when we go to the doctor. The last time we were there, she shared her reasoning with us about why people have twins. In her case, she said the powers that be realized she would micromanage one child to death, plus her husband would not have let her have another child once he went through everything with the first one, so boom! She got two at once. Perfect.

My friend who is super organized and on top of things that if she only had one set, her husband would not have had anything to do, so boom! She got 2 sets. Perfect.

And us? A lot of our friends have already had kids (some have had 2 or 3 already) and Doug has kept saying "We'll just watch what all of our friends have done and then we'll know what we should (or shouldn't) do. This baby thing is going to be a piece of cake."

So the powers that be looked down and said "You think you've got it all figured out?" Boom. Have two.

And now, a couple pictures of the girls. Soon they'll be a month old! My parents have been in Durango helping us out since they were born. The great thing about twins is that you never have to fight over holding a baby! Tava is with Grandma and Analee is with Grandpa. This picture is a week or so old.

Grandpa reading to Analee:

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Anonymous said...

Glad you are back on the blog. I missed reading about you, Doug and babies. I hope it is getting a
little easier. We have had great
weather lately but it won't last.
I fell and bruised my hip so I am
in therpy and it is helping alot. Part of growing old.
Aunt Carole