Monday, February 23, 2009

Quick update


Not much to report, we're just plugging away. But I thought I would put up some pictures:

Tava, upset about the Paparazzi

Analee, pushing 8 pounds now

After one particularly satisfying feeding

Testing the washing machine as a bouncy chair

Me and the girls watching the Duke-UNC game

These Duke onesies are way too big for them...

But we anticipate a run deep into April...
They'll grow into them by the Final Four.

And a new slideshow:

Tava and Analee Week 6


Anonymous said...

The girls are really growing and gaining weight so you two must be
doing something right. I always
enjoy the pics. Analee has gained
real well but Tava will catch up
with her.
We are not going to be able to come
to Durango. It is quite a way from
Galup,NM which is our highway.
I am coming to see Jeri this summer
and hopefully can see them there.
If Jeri has a knee replacement
I will come to help her for a
couple of weeks. She will feel better when it is over.
Love to all four of you.
Aunt Carole

Jen's Page said...

Sandy and Doug,
Love the pictures. Thank you for sharing your stories during your sleep deprived and busy time.

Jen S.