Sunday, January 4, 2009


Sandy here:

Thnking back to when Doug and I first found out we were having twins, we knew it would change the nature of the pregnancy. For one thing, I got this label slapped on me "high risk"--especially when they found out the twins were identical. Sometimes it's impossible to tell without testing whether the twins are identical or fraternal, but in our case the babies are monochorionic/diamniotic (basically they are in one big sac with a membrane separating them and that only happens if the babies are identical).

As everyone who has been reading our blog can see, one of the differences is that I have the pleasure of getting huger quicker. Another fun (albeit potentially a little bit stressful) thing is that we get to have regular ultrasounds of the babies to track their growth. A third thing that started the beginning of December is that I have to go to the birthing center at the hospital once a week for a Non-Stress Test. Assuming they can "lock onto" the babies heartbeats quickly it should only take about 30-40 minutes. I've had 5 of these done so far. (The picture below is from my most recent one--notice the hugeness.)

For the first one, the girls were still small enough that they could hide behind each other and it took 2 nurses an hour and a half to try and find them and get a lock on their heartbeats. It was a busy day with lots of labor and delivery going on in the Birth Center, and the nurses had to leave me for a little bit. So I sat on the edge of the bed and spoke directly to the girls in my belly--telling them that it had been funny at first, but they needed to settle down so we could get this test done and go home--I wasn't looking forward to hanging out in the hospital all evening. When the nurse returned, she was able to lock onto the babies immediately and the whole thing was over in about 25 minutes.

It was my first "Mom discipline moment."


Bobbi said...

I LOVE the hugeness, the bigger the better! You look exceptional and I adore every photo! I hope Doug has told you my dad is an identical twin so I'm just nuts about all this stuff - wish you had a picture every day - I'd never get tired of seeing you nor will I get tired of seeing those precious girls!!

Elisa & Adam said...

Hi girl- you look fantastic! I love that your tummy is so big-- you're having TWINS! And.. you look great. Hope you're enjoying your pregnancy. Not much longer left!

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute, Sandy -- I don't think I can see you in this picture. Are you the one behind the HUGE pregnant lady? -- Brian

Sandy and Doug said...

That's right--I'm traveling incognito!