Friday, January 16, 2009

First Pictures


Okay, the first night went well. The Twinkies spent some of it in the nursery and let us sleep a few hours, but they also took a crack at nursing with some success. Everybody is doing remarkably well.

Sandy wanted everybody to know that Tava is the baby we used to call Ethel, and Analee is the baby we used to call Myrtle.

First pics below. Tava is to the right, Analee to the left.

More later.


Anonymous said...

that's funny, they don't look like twinkies at all! I love that they are facing eachother, Sandy looks great! Mazel Tov and congratulations!!!

Anonymous said...

Everyone looks fabulous. I can't wait to meet them! What a gorgeous group of ladies you have there Doug! Sands, you look amazing! YEAH!!!!
Aunt Molly

Heather Marie said...

Look at Sandy, the picture of beauty and confidence.

Dave L said...

WOW! Absolutely Beautiful! Congrats to all.