Monday, January 12, 2009

Arrival date contest

Okay, Sandy's "twin" due date is January 25 (most twins come at 37 weeks, not 40).

Take a guess in the comments about when you think the Twinkies will arrive. The person that gets the closest will win .... well nothing, but they will always be able to say that they were the person that guessed the closest. No repeats, all days are first come, first served.


Anonymous said...

I'm guessing January 20th. The Twinkies will be so happy that Bush is gone that they will want to join the world!!

Anonymous said...

Is January 16 too early? That's cooked enough, right? That is my birthday, so clearly it is an auspicious day. Sandy, jump up and down a lot on that day. Or maybe have some spicy Mexican food. - Brian.

Anonymous said...

I am guessing the twins will arrive Jan 22nd so Sandy can be
in the hospital 3 days and come
home on the week-end. Good luck.

Aunt Carole

Anonymous said...

Febr 2
Mom & Dad

Anonymous said...

Feb 10th. Best wishes. Dianne

Anonymous said...

I'll say they will be born in two different months. Jan 31/Feb 1


Steph said...

I am going to go with Jan 17th. That way Labor and Delivery shouldn't be too busy and you will have the place to yourself.


Scott said...

Hmmm....Jan 19th.

Elisa & Adam said...

Jan 18th