Thursday, April 2, 2009


Sandy here:

So, at 3 a.m. last night as I was feeding the babies, I began thinking about sleep. One could even say I sometimes obsess about sleep--probably because I'm not getting much of it. It's probably similar to the way a heroin addict obsesses about his next fix.

My thoughts were as follows: My life is now divided into 2 distinct sections-- before the babies and after the babies. Here's how my sleep thoughts have changed:

Before: I'm not going to be one of those parents who tiptoes around their kids when sleeping. They are going to learn to sleep with noise!
After: Be quiet! Do you want to wake the babies? (or my favorite--you wake it, you take it)

Before: I really don't want the babies to get in the habit of sleeping with me.
After: If this will buy me an extra hour of sleep, I'm all for it right now.

Before: We've had this mattress for a while, maybe we should get a new one.
After: This is the comfiest bed ever!

Before: My babies are going to sleep in their crib.
After: Is it worth the fight right now to try to get them to sleep in their crib when they will sleep much easier in their jiggly chairs?

Before: I'm getting them on my schedule, not vice versa.
After: I wonder what time they'll let me go to bed tonight and when they'll wake me up to eat again.

Here are a few recent pics, we'll try to get a new slideshow and a video up this weekend.

Helping Mom make dinner (Analee on the left, Tava on the right)

Analee--look at that smile!

Tava looking at her new BFF the jiggly moo-cow

Big cousin Audrey with Tava and Analee


Freiburger Family said...

They are lucky they are infants because the sleep deprivation they cause to their parents is a violation of the Geneva convention. Here is something to hold on to. At some point in the years ahead, they will sleep a lot more than you but will have to get up for school. It is a sadistic pleasure going into Annika's room and waking her up for school and watching her pull the covers over her head for a little more sleep. Your revenge will come!!

Anonymous said...

The girls are looking fantastic. Looking forward to more pictures.

Heather Marie said...

Love the pictures! If I remember correctly, the beginning for us was a whole series of humbling compromises. But those early days were such fog it's hard to say for sure! Thank goodness it gets easier!

Anonymous said...

The girls are getting so cute and
really happy looking babies. It
looks like they are getting plenty
to eat. I would love to hold them
and kiss them. Babies smell so

I said my kids will not ride their
tricycles in the house! Guess
what, they did. We all eat a lot
of our words.

Love to all 4.
Aunt Carole