Monday, April 13, 2009

Exercising with Babies

Sandy here:

The weather in Durango has been typical spring--warm one day, rainy the next, snowy the next, really windy the next...Today is a warm day, and the rest of the week it's supposed to be rainy/snowy. A perfect day to take the girls out in the Chariot. They wake up around 10, have late breakfast, and I begin the "load girls up" process, which because it's just me (and two of them) is a bit involved and takes a little while. Molly got us these infant sling things that are great--basically the babies are riding in a hammock in the Chariot--well, a hammock with a neck support and clip--but again, they take a little finagling to get babies in. I get the babies in their jackets (which they don't like--not sure why), load Analee up, go back in to get Tava, load her up, decide that I'm feeling brave so I'll take Miliya with me, get my water bottle, cell phone, put keys in the door, grab the leash for Miliya, head outside to do the final snap down of the protective cover over the babies.....

Analee has had a massive spit up--all over her face, jacket, onesie, pants, socks, etc. What I find so interesting when babies spit up is that it's usually a quiet thing in that they don't cry or yell--they just get one of those dazed looks on their face like "What just happened?" (Those of you with babies know exactly the look I'm talking about.) Now I have to unload Tava and get her someplace safe (ah! the swing!), and commence the clean up process with Analee. Normally Tava likes the swing, but at this moment she decides the swing sucks and lets me know in no uncertain terms about it. Miliya is following me around, tail wagging, with this expression like, "Are we going soon? What about now?"

I get Tava calmed down (kneeling down in front of the swing as I'm holding a nearly naked Analee in my arms) and go back to washing/dressing Analee. The eternal optimist, Miliya is still following me around.

I decide that I can salvage this walk, so I put Analee someplace safe to go inspect the Chariot and realize the damage is more extensive than I initially thought. The sling is soaked in spit up and there is even some spit up underneath the sling on the seat and floor of the Chariot. By the time I get this cleaned up (with Analee now upset), the sling is soaking wet and there is no way I can put a baby back in it until it dries.

So instead I came inside and ate some chocolate chip banana bread.


Heather Marie said...

Thank God for chocolate chip banana bread!

Rachel said...

no kidding! that's the worst getting them all ready to go & then having to unready them all again.