Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fame and Fortune

Sandy here--

I'm not sure how my life is going to change, but I'm sure dramatically, now that my husband is a famous attorney dealing with far-reaching issues:

If you come over to our house, hopefully I'll see you behind all the paparazzi.


Anonymous said...

You can talk about laugh. Doug
went all those years to represent
the bear trash problem. Cut that
article out and put it in the girl's scrapp book.

When Margot had Jack, he came so
quick that they didn't have time to
give her any pain med. They gave
her a tylonal afterwards and she
said "Thanks a Lot!"
Aunt Carole Glad you had the snow
and not us!

Anonymous said...

Who are you to tell me that I can't strew garbage around my yard, to attract my bear friends??? Fascist. - Brian