Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bump Update


28 weeks!!! Wow!!!! Not much I can add to this:

Okay, I can add this. The other night Sandy woke up and had to go use the bathroom. She went to get up and about halfway between the laying down position and the sitting up position ..... she got stuck. Really. She had to ask me to give her a little push to get up. Oh, the things to come.

She's awfully cute, isn't she?


Anonymous said...

I want to see time lapse. - Brian

Joe said...

I told you she would get stuck. Sometimes it is quite hilarious that they cannot move but you have to be careful how much you tease them. Since they are not in control of their hormones, there is some fear that they will kill you in your sleep.

Anonymous said...

Doug: I wrote you an e-mail to your office but Aunt Lois, she is
Jeri & I mother's sister. She wants to wee your blog. I tried to
tell her how to get on but didn't
Her e-mail is

Happy Thanksgiving, we are going
to Dave's. Enjoy the
Rohlings and your Mom.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't these posts be called "Bumpdates"? - Brian

Sandy and Doug said...

Isn't a bumpdate something you did in college?

Anonymous said...

Well, not me, but other -- cooler -- people. - Brian