Thursday, June 18, 2009

Growing Up

Sandy here:

I discovered the Movie Maker program on my computer and have been having lots of fun with it. It helps that the girls are getting to the age where they are doing "fun" things.

Behold, Analee:

This is really the first big milestone where there's no doubt about the exact time it happened. Smiling? Maybe it's just gas until suddenly you realize it's not, although you can't really pinpoint an exact time they realized smiling was fun. Laughing? Slightly easier, but some of those first laughs were very subtle. But this! No doubt at all!

Tava is not rolling over yet, at least not on a flat surface, but she has decided that the jiggly chair makes a perfect platform for attempting to roll over:

As a result of Tava's antics, they are transitioning to the crib (for a while they weren't sleeping in the crib due to reflux issues and incredibly stuffy noses--they can't blow their noses when their arms are swaddled!).

And finally, proof positive that Doug really is the funny one:

Is there anything better than baby laughter?


Rachel said...

definitely nothing better than baby giggles! my girls (still) get hiccups when we make them giggle too much - it's totally worth it though! :)

Heather Marie said...

I enjoyed the credits on your first "film" almost as much as the movie! And oh my gosh, their laughter is therapeutic! I didn't realize their voices were identical too!