Thursday, May 14, 2009

First Road Trip

Sandy here:

A couple weeks ago we had to make an unscheduled trip up to Denver. I've learned another important rule about babies--the smaller they are, the more stuff they require. We loaded up our Land Cruiser with just the essentials (clothes for me, Doug and 2 babies, diapers, wipes, 2 jiggly chairs, 1 swing, clock, baby monitor, diaper bag, 2 boppies, 1 twin nursing pillow...) and took off. The girls did great and Doug and I had lots of fun (for the most part) riding with them. Audrey had a good time with her cousins--she sometimes calls them "cousins" and sometimes says "Tavanalee". She helped pick out their clothes every day, and is pretty good at telling who's who (we used to think she just said whatever name she remembered, but when you ask her, she pauses for a moment, like she's thinking, before she responds).

Here's a few gems from our first road trip/vacation:

On the road again....Hey--you gonna drink that bottle? (Tava front, Analee in back)

I asked Audrey to sit behind her cousins so I could take a photo and this is what I got (Tava left, Analee right):

Another pic of all the cousins! (Tava on the left, Analee on the right)

Scott and Molly graciously watched the girls for us one night so we could have a date--not sure who had more fun (Scott has Analee, Molly has Tava):

We took the girls to Music Together (a music class for babies and toddlers) and they had a blast! Doug is holding Analee, I'm holding Tava:

When we were younger, Brother's Bar was the site of much drinking and debauchery. Oh how times have changed (I'm holding Tava, Doug has Analee)!

One thing absent from all these pictures is Miliya. She spent the weekend with our friends Matt and Ambika, who have a dog of their own. Miliya got to go on hikes every day (some around water) and had a thoroughly good time. In fact, when we got home, she looked at us like, "Oh, you again. Where's that other couple? You know, the people who take me to do fun things?"


Rachel said...

this gives me hope! we're taking the girls on a 9 hour road trip at the beginning of June. yikes. ;)

Heather Marie said...

Great pictures!