Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Sandy here:

Last year for Father's Day we met another family in town and had brunch. The girls were angels--stayed in their carseats for about an hour (napped a bit) and then sat calmly on our laps when we took them out.

Fast forward eleven months. The girls are at a fun age, but also a challenging one--they are old enough to be very mobile and have very well defined wills, but young enough to not take direction. (I'm sure we'll be able to rely on them taking direction by oh, say, college.) So when these same friends we had Father's Day brunch with last year suggested that we go out to brunch, my first thought was "Great! That would be fun!" and my next thought was "That means we have approximately 30 minutes to sit down, order, eat and converse before the girls decide they're done, squirm out of their highchairs (who designs the highchairs in restaurants?) and throw a tantrum (yes, we're in that fun phase as well)." So instead we had people over to our house. Doug was in charge of everything and I pretty much just had to show up. The day was gorgeous--our first real "summery" feeling kind of day. We even had our friends Jonny and Corey from Denver make an impromptu appearance.

Partway through brunch we realized that it was getting hot and still very sunny--we needed a hat intervention. What's the natural hat to wear on Mother's Day? Sombreros of course.

Even Daddy got in on the hat action:

The girls love their new playground:

During brunch there started to be much talk of our little fiberglass trailer. To make a very long story short, Doug and I purchased a trailer several years ago. It was in horrible shape (think green inside and not from the paint) so we gutted it and started over. Our intentions were good, and we made great progress although it took a long time to get anything done. However, as soon as we found out we were having twins, we realized that the trailer was going to be too small for our family. And so it sat, incomplete and unused, on our driveway. Once it got parked there after the move, it never made it out of the driveway. Until today.

Jonny and Corey are now the proud owners of the little guy:

And I'm reminded of the old saying (modified a bit)--you know the two happiest days in a trailer owner's life? The day he buys it and the day he sells it.

I had a fabulous Mother's Day--best wishes to all the mothers out there!


Elisa & Adam said...

That description fits Ethan oh too well. Too funny!! And - you're right, who makes restaurant high chairs anyways?! Glad you had a fun filled mothers day. Hugs to the girls. I bet it was a bit sad to see the little guy go... (but happy at the same time!)

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

uh, I'm sorta stunned that you had enough sombreros to go around.

Anonymous said...

DPR, that was a bit weird. I had one, and the guy in the black T-shirt, our friend Johnny (the one who took the trailer), for some reason also had one in his truck. He always takes it with him. Which would surprise you, unless you knew him. Then it makes complete sense.