Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sleeping Again, Redux

Sandy here:

Since I posted my last entry about the girls and their crib positions, I have captured a few more pictures. All of these are actual positions I found them in when they woke up in the morning:

But this is my favorite so far (maybe they'll be wrestlers when they grow up):

And finally--a bedtime video. They had been changed into their sleepers, but were still in such a good mood I put them into their crib to play.

Watching them interact like this makes all that extra work worth it.

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Anonymous said...

Happy 6mo birthday to the girls
and happy the parents have made
it this far. The girls get
prettier by the day.
We just got back from the beach
in NC for 10 days. We had fun with
Jack 2yrs old, and Charlotte
6 yr. old.
It is so hot here wish we had
some Colorado cool air.
Much love to all.
Aunt Carole